Now At-Bat: Dodgers on Demand in Spanish


Time Warner Cable’s Southern California division has added a Spanish-language version of its popular Dodgers on Demand free video on demand content.

The cable operator has been offering profiles of Los Angeles Dodgers players, interviews with coaches and archival footageat the original site, which debuted one year ago. Coverage was bolstered this spring with the addition of coverage of the Dodgers spring training at Vero Beach, Fla. 

The VOD content does not include games, the rights to which are held by other media, nor does the operator archive games for later viewing. 

Patti Rockenwagner, vice president of communications for the division, explained: “Once the games are done, they're done.” She noted that there are so many platforms where fans can get game coverage, and there hasn't been much interest shown in archival games.

The new Spanish-language application, which launched with an event at Dodger Stadium Aug. 29, will feature all original content, as none of the English-language Dodgers on Demand content is being dubbed over, according to Rockenwagner. To that end, Time Warner has contracted with Mauricio Cardenas, a sports anchor at the local Telemundo station, Ch. 52, to host the programming on Spanish VOD coverage. 

Rockenwagner said the original baseball VOD content, the first VOD channel launched by the operator when it took over cable operations in Southern California, has attracted upgrades from analog-only subscribers and attracted new subscribers. The operator anticipates Dodgers on Demand en Espanol will help it attract more Spanish-speaking users to other in-language VOD content, including children's programming and music videos.