NYC Enlists Kids In Anti-Piracy Campaign

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With the backing of NBCU, MTV, theater owners and others, the New York City Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment has launched a new digital piracy campaign to be created by the demo most likely to engage in new media plundering.

At a content theft summit in New York Tuesday, the office unveiled the "Create the Next Spot" initiative in its ongoing "Piracy Doesn't Work In NYC" campaign--launched in 2007--to combat illegal distribution of digital works. "[W]hile young people are among the most likely to pirate digital content there is significant opportunity for education and increased awareness within that age group," said the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment.

The idea is to get New York city students -- high school through college --to produce their own creative campaign with the help of professional producers. The spots will run on TV, online and on the road (in taxis).

"By asking New York City students to engage in the dialogue, the City hopes that they will think about the long-term consequences of digital piracy for the industry and for future generations in the creative industry," the Mayor's office said.

Entries can be submitted and details gleaned at Judges for the contest include Whoopi Goldberg and Sway of MTV News; the deadline is Oct. 19.

The top 10 picks will be posted for online public voting, with the winning campaign slated to air in the first quarter of next year.