NYC Mayor Rips Cablevision Over Mets


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took Cablevision Systems Corp. to task Friday.

Speaking on New York radio station WABC-AM, Bloomberg chided the MSO for removing the signals of FSN New York and Madison Square Garden Network from Time Warner Cable systems, leaving 2.4 million area subscribers without New York Mets Major League Baseball games, AP reported.

“Just when you think a company can't find any more ways to really stick it to the people of this city, they come up with another one: Let's take the winning team off TV and don't let people see it,” the mayor said.

“Because they're so successful and so big, they become part of the city, as well, and if you're going to do business here, you're going to have to understand that and work to protect that,” he added, referring to Cablevision.