Obama Turns To Genachowski, Levin


Washington—The Obama-Biden Transition Team said Wednesday that a pair of aides to former Federal Communications Commission chairman Reed Hundt will head up its technology, innovation and government reform review team.

The incoming administration, which takes power on Jan. 20, named Julius Genachowski and Blair Levin as "policy working groups leaders for the presidential transition."

In terms of specifics, Genachowski (left) and Levin will "develop the priority policy proposals and plans from the Obama Campaign for action during the Obama-Biden Administration," the transition team said in a statement.

During the campaign, Obama supported legislation that would impose network neutrality requirements on broadband access providers such as cable and phone companies. Once in power, the Obama administration will need to decide whether a new law is necessary or the Federal Communications Commission can achieve the same goals through regulatory mandates.

Another Obama priority is the creation of a chief technology officer post for the federal government.

Genachowski and Levin, who worked for Hundt in the mid-1990s in the Clinton administration, are reportedly rivals for the job of FCC chairman.

Genachowski, co-founder of Rock Creek Ventures and LaunchBox Digital, went to Harvard Law School with Obama and was a major campaign fundraiser.

Levin, a managing director of Stifel Nicolaus, was FCC chief of staff for four years. He has been frequently quoted by the major media with regard to telecommunications policies adopted by Republican FCC chairmen Michael Powell and Kevin Martin.