Olympics Go Broadband in Beijing


Chicago -- NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing will include more than 1,000 hours of live streaming video delivered via the Internet, NBC Universal chairman Bob Wright said Tuesday.

Wright -- who played a preview video of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics for several hundred attendees at the NXTcomm convention here -- said NBC will shoot more than 2,400 hours of footage for its broadcast, cable and Internet platforms.

While NBC has offered Internet-video coverage from previous Olympics, Wright called the Beijing games the company’s “first ever broadband coverage.”

The preview video for the 2008 Summer Olympics, which appeared to be designed as a pitch reel for advertisers, touted tennis coverage on MSNBC, boxing on CNBC and the triathlon on NBCOlympics.com.

“The TV event of the decade is coming to NBC,” an NBC announcer bellowed in the voiceover.

Wright focused several minutes of his keynote on piracy and the threat that broadband Internet downloads pose to NBC and other content providers.

“There’s no panacea for this problem, but there are some specific steps we can take,” he said.

He called for telcos and other broadband Internet-service providers to deploy filtering technology that can make it more difficult for Web surfers to “steal digital files.”

“Legitimate businesses have to step forward and declare that they will not profit on the back of IP [Internet-protocol] theft,” Wright said.