One Candle for Verizon FiOS TV


Verizon FiOS TV will celebrate its first birthday Friday.

Verizon Communications launched the fiber-optic TV service in Keller, Texas, Sept. 22, 2005.

The regional Bell operating company said FiOS TV is now available in more than 80 communities in north Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York, and the telco plans to expand the service to Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey in the coming months.

“Our mantra in the first year was to give customers more channels and service choices with FiOS TV," Verizon senior vice president of video solutions Marilyn O'Connell said in a prepared statement. "Now we're beginning to also give them more control over where and when they access their entertainment. We're obviously thrilled with initial customer response to FiOS TV, and we look forward to delighting customers with even more innovation in the years ahead.”