One-Quarter Of Viewing Takes Place On Computers: CTAM Study


Video consumers now view an estimated 24% of their content on computers, according to a behavioral study released June 30 by CTAM, but the TV set remains the king of viewing destinations.

Almost every consumers, 98%, said they’d used their television when asked by pollsters what they had watched in the preceding week, according to the fourth cycle of CTAM’s ongoing research study tracking the evolving use of television and its content. The study is conducted in concert with Nielsen Entertainment Television.

In those same homes, 45% of the 1,200 adults and 300 teens in the study also said they’d viewed DVDs the preceding week. DVR use was reported by 24% of respondents; 14% watched on their desktop computers; 9% used laptops; 6% watched something on their cell phones; and 5 % consumed content on an MP3 player or game system.

Drilling deeper, researchers found that in DVR homes, the most viewing is scheduled on that device. In those homes, 37% of viewing comes on the digital recorded with only 35% watching shows live at their scheduled time. Those homes also said 11% of the video they consumed was on-demand and 17% of shows were viewed on the computer.

The study was conducted among cable and satellite subscribers: homes which viewed only off-air television were excluded.