One Sports Fan’s Lament


It’s been a little tough being a football
Giants and Knicks fan in New York these days
if you’re also a Time Warner Cable subscriber (as
I am).

Being a Giants fan has been great overall during
the team’s late-season and playoff run. And there’s
been no shortage of Giants coverage on local TV and
ESPN’s outlets.

But this time of year, I miss being able to watch
NFL Network fare — when the Giants are in the
playoff s. As National Football League commissioner
Roger Goodell pointed out last Friday, the network
has just two cable holdouts: TWC and Cablevision

Small-cable champion Matt Polka, lays
out the case for the NFL costing all pay TV viewers
too much.

Rather than singling out football and ESPN,
though, start counting up the cost for all the almost innumerable
sports channels.

Contributor Kevin Czerwinski catches us
up on the imminent arrivals of new regional channels
all across the West. Note: Th ey won’t be carried for free.

As for the National Basketball Association’s Knicks,
their games on MSG and MSG Plus are off Time Warner

MSG says TWC’s investment in local sports, including
two new regional networks to show Los Angeles Lakers’
NBA games, is a good reason for the MSO to keep MSG’s
games on in New York.

TWC says MSG, coming off the NBA’s labor settlement,
wants to jack up fees.

Like Polka, I hope someone comes up with a solution
that keeps me happy as a sports fan and as a consumer.

I’ll be a lot happier, though, if the Giants won yesterday.