A One-Stop Shop for Services


A Miami-based company has launched a new Web site designed to provide platform-agnostic information to consumers researching new technologies. Consumers can also buy services through the site.

The site, Digital Landing, was launched on Sept. 5 by Acceller, which provides digital lifestyle services to the mass market. Acceller sells service directly to consumers under such brands as BuyTelco.net, proffering information and referring Web-site users to service providers in their ZIP codes.

The company's client list includes AT&T, Verizon Communications, Embarq, Qwest Communications, EarthLink, Charter Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable.


Executives with Acceller cite 2005 Forrester Research data that found 30% of people who buy products online use comparison-shopping engines. Growth in this behavior is most dramatic among electronics customers, 93% of whom visit comparison-shopping sites.

Users will find Digital Landing when they enter a service provider's name or terms such as “bundled services” or other video-, telephony- and Internet-related search terms into any Web search engine.

Once on the site, consumers will find content written by David Strom, an author and journalist with 20 years of technology-writing experience. He has assembled its roster of advisers. Current articles compare digital subscriber line services to cable modems, explain how to get the most out of the purchase of an HDTV set and offer “Five Reasons to change your TV provider.”

Shelley Harrison, vice president of marketing for Acceller, said the site takes the same approach as print publications: The business side has no input on editorial content.

“We've had some providers say they don't like articles,” she said. To complainers, company officials reiterate Acceller's goal: To create an independent environment for those searching for products.

Consumers can get information on Acceller's partner providers and price points in the areas they specify. Price quotes include details such as installation charges, any discount offers and their terms, and the long-term, full price of a service, said Acceller vice president of alternative channels Brian Thomas. This will be provided for all service options in an area, saving consumers the time of contacting each company individually for the same information.


Consumers can also click to buy services at the site.

Though vendors know they might not be the recommended provider at the site, they partner with Acceller because they want to be where consumers are shopping, Thomas said. Partners also benefit from supporting the site because Acceller can provide feedback on which articles shoppers are reading, which ones seem to trigger purchases and which products are viewed and rejected by site users.

Executives did not offer projected site visits to the new page, but noted the BuyTelco site recorded its 10 millionth visitor last December.