Onliners Buy More Cable, Videos


Despite some previous research reports to the contrary, Knowledge
Networks/Statistical Research Inc. said Thursday that its latest study finds
'the relationship between [personal] computers, the Internet and television is
one of parallel growth, not mutual exclusion.'

Those households with multiple PCs or Internet access are more likely to
spend $50 or more per month for cable/satellite TV service, buy pay-per-view
programming and rent VHS tapes and DVDs, according to the new KN/SRI 'Home
Technology Monitor' ownership report.

Those who own two or more
PCs are twice as likely to rent videos (64 percent versus 34 percent
for those with no PC) and spend $50 or more on cable or satellite
service each month (31 percent vs. 15 percent).

They're also more than three times as likely to have bought PPV programming
in the past month (14 percent vs. 4 percent), the research firm said.

Similarly, households with online access are far more likely to rent videos
and pay premium prices for cable or satellite service than those with no
Internet access, the researcher added.

As part of the Monitor study, which involves 3,000
respondents annually, KN/SRI conducts interviews twice a year.