OnScreen Media Summit: Availing To Deliver Content, Anywhere

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As the media world continues to change, Avail-TVN will evolve along with it.

That was the underlying message from Jon Romm, the COO of the digital content distribution company, during his presentation at the Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News OnScreen Media Summit at the Marriot Marquis here on Oct. 28.

Romm said that Avail-TVN's charge is to deliver any and all content, via whatever device, no matter what the business model, and even in some cases, where there are "no business models at all." In those cases, Avail-TVN is helping content producers seed marketplaces, which may take root later on.

He said that the Reston, Va.-based company's world is shaped by technologies encompassing standard- and high-definition feeds, digital video recorders, personal computers and phones as they pertain to a trio of general and generational customer bases. One is an older group that just wants to turn their TV on at home, doesn't have a DVR, or belong to Netflix.

A second is the hardest generation to work with, "those who think they understand the technology, but really don't." The third group, according to Romm, is  the "youngest and smartest, because they know how to make it all work."
Romm said, though, that if the company did not aspire to execute for all of those consumer constituencies that "channels, specific genres could fall away and lose their points of distribution."

In turn, that could result in the "constriction of content and our industry would suffer."