Open Standards, PVRs to Spark Boom

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Fueled by open architectures, personal video recorders, faster processors and
the advent of home networking, digital set-top boxes should surpass $11.5
billion in annual sales by 2004, Multimedia Research Group Inc. predicted in a
new report.

Also by 2004, a digital mix of electronic program guides, video-on-demand,
interactive television and enhanced TV will send new service revenues past $11
billion annually to $54 billion, MRG said, citing return-on-investment

The study, 'Home Gateway Report: Worldwide Digital Set-Top, Service &
Server Analysis & Forecast 2001-2004,' went on to suggest that digital
cable, armed with new services, can diminish subscriber churn to satellite
services and reach profitability within six months of launch using time-shifted
VOD and unused bandwidth.