OpenTV Digs Up Set-Top Data


OpenTV is aiming to make it easier to collect TV viewing metrics from set-tops running its middleware.

The San Francisco-based interactive TV software company announced Tuesday that later this year, it will publish the format of key data points that its middleware is able to measure on set-top boxes. In addition, OpenTV announced the Analysis Partner Program, which initially will include media-measurement firms Nielsen Media Research, Rentrak, TNS Media Research and AdsVantage.

With a standardized way to access set-top metrics, according to OpenTV, operators will be able to generate new revenue from advertisers by selling ad-viewership reports; better manage channel lineups by "validating the content-viewing assumptions"; measure interactive apps including DVR and video-on-demand; and monitor quality of service.

"We're not only enabling service providers to capture relevant information -- especially on viewing behavior and [digital video recording] interactions -- and giving them access to crucial reporting and analysis capabilities, but we're enabling the developer community to create exciting new applications for next-generation television, to make it more personalized and meaningful," OpenTV senior vice president of business development Tracy Geist said in a statement.

The OpenTV Measurement Solution, which is part of the company's Core2 middleware platform, allows collected click-stream data to be stripped of personally identifiable information either by storing only rollup data or by applying privacy filtering at the time of data send-back. It also allows operators to secure interfaces with third-parties while retaining their own access to data, and to comply with geography-specific regulations.