OpenTV Strikes License Deal with Sony


OpenTV Corp. has nailed down a new license agreement with Sony Corp. to bring
OpenTV's 'Device Mosaic' HyperText Markup Language browser to the content and
electronics giant's non-PC devices.

The deal is an extension of a deal struck between Sony Electronics Corp. and
interactive-browser provider Spyglass Inc., the latter of which OpenTV acquired
in 2000.

Device Mosaic is a Web-standards-based browser that optimizes content for
interactive-TV products. That includes bringing Web-based HTML tools to
TV-content formatting.

At the same time, Device Mosaic supports existing TV applications including
electronic programming guides, video-on-demand, chat and electronic mail.

The deal will allow Sony to use that tool set in a wider range of
consumer-electronics products, according to OpenTV CEO James Ackerman.

'We believe that Device Mosaic's ability to support advanced HTML
capabilities will help to reduce development costs and shorten the time to
deliver new products to consumers,' Ackerman said in a prepared