OpenTV Wins Two vs. Liberate


OpenTV Corp. scored two winning points this week over opponent Liberate
Technologies in a longstanding patent legal battle when a U.S. District Court
judge threw out two Liberate motions.

The convoluted case -- which erupted last spring in the U.S. Court's Northern
District of California -- involves tit-for-tat patent-violation claims between
the two interactive-TV providers.

Liberate claimed that OpenTV had violated two of its patents that deal with
addressable multimedia presentations and streaming and management systems.

OpenTV, meanwhile, claimed that Liberate had infringed on two of its patents
covering carouseling interactive content and how content is loaded, presented,
then minimized and deleted.

This past week, the judge dismissed Liberate's patent-infringement claims
regarding addressable multimedia presentations. He also dismissed a Liberate
defense motion that had argued that OpenTV could not press its patent claim
because the technology was tied to industry standards work, which carried its
own license requirements.

The next round in the battle is a scheduled April 30 conference meeting with
the judge.