Ops Ask Hill for Legal Remedies


When it comes to making recommendations to Congress, cable operators serve up as many ideas as they do channels of programming.

Small cable operators would like to break the market power of broadcast networks that own cable networks. Some big operators do, too.

Following is a rundown of what various cable players have asked for.

Cablevision Systems:

  • End forced subscriber purchase of local TV signals prior to cable programming services.
  • Deny programmers carriage on the most widely penetrated tier.
  • Deny broadcasters ability to tie access to their off-air signals to carriage of their cable networks.

American Cable Association:

  • Deny bundling of broadcast and cable programming.
  • Mandate a la carte packaging.
  • Compel disclosure of program license fees.
  • Require FCC to create programming price index and retransmission consent index.
  • Compel DBS compliance with cable program-access rules.

Mediacom Communications Corp. and Cequel III:

  • Require license fee parity among all pay-TV providers regardless of size, unless programmers can justify differentials based on cost.
  • Permit a la carte packaging of sports programming.

Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network:

  • Amend the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to require MSOs to provide parity to unaffiliated programmers in terms of tiering, channel placement, and whole pricing.