Ops, Nets Learn Hispanic Marketing


Seattle -- Cable marketers were given tips and guidelines on the best ways to
sell their newly developed Spanish-language packages Sunday at the CTAM Summit

"Putting together your Hispanic tier and launching it is only part of it,"
Joe Schramm, president of Schramm Sports & Entertainment, said during a
tutorial on the "Principles and Practice" of Hispanic Marketing.

The tutorial represents part of the Cable & Telecommunications
Association for Marketing’s effort to bring Hispanic marketing to the forefront
of the CTAM conference this year, officials said.

Schramm, an expert on marketing to the Latino market, offered tutorial
participants a list of the top 10 issues that need to be addressed and are
considered a key to marketing cable to Hispanics:

• Understanding cultural distinctions common among most Spanish speakers;

• A "primer" on the current selection of Spanish-language networks;

• A review of recent research findings;

• How to choose creative to effectively address the market;

• How to avoid common mistakes in Hispanic marketing;

• How to tap into the local community;

• How to get a "clean" list of targeted households for direct marketing;

• Determining the most effective marketing tactics, including grassroots

• Building a budget you can justify to management; and

• Enrolling management in a long-term commitment to Hispanic