Ops: VOD, HDTV, PVR by 2005


Most cable systems will deploy video-on-demand, high-definition TV and
personal-video-recorder services among their subscribers by the end of 2005,
according to data released Tuesday morning from forecaster Horowitz Associates
Inc.'s latest "State of Cable & Broadband" survey.

Eight out of 10 operators participating in the survey declared that their
systems would offer VOD as a digital-penetration driver within the next three

Seven out of 10 noted that they would deploy subscription VOD, while 75
percent of the sample were planning to launch HDTV channels.

Six out of 10 operators added that they would bring PVR capabilities into
their digital packages by mid- to late-2005.

Horowitz conducted interviews with 170 operator officials during November and
December for its State of Cable report. The full report will be released prior
to Horowitz's annual forum on urban-market cable services, scheduled for May 1
in New York.

This will be the 10th year Horowitz, based in Larchmont, N.Y., has produced
its State of Cable & Broadband overview.

A total of 37 percent of participating operators said high-speed cable-modem
services will be the most important factor in boosting revenues in the near
term, followed by VOD (33 percent).