Optimum Lightpath Encodes Video


Optimum Lightpath, Cablevision Systems’ business services unit, is augmenting its video service offerings to encompass encoding and decoding of digital video.

The flat-rate Lightpath Managed Video service electronically accepts, transports and delivers native compressed and uncompressed digital video in multiple formats without requiring any transport protocol conversions. The service extends Lightpath Video Transport, launched last year, a dedicated Layer 2 point-to-point service.

Lightpath Managed Video service is targeted at media companies, including production facility operators, broadcasters, TV stations and content distributors, as well as non-media organizations with high-resolution video requirements, such as healthcare companies and municipal governments.

“This service offers a true alternative to traditional video services and a more economical alternative to satellite,” Optimum Lightpath general manager Dave Pistacchio said in a statement.

Ascent Media, a provider of media creation, management and distribution services, “is eagerly awaiting the delivery of the Optimum Lightpath Managed Video service,” Ascent vice president of network resources Joe Garzillo said. “In contrast to other providers, Optimum Lightpath’s flat-rate pricing and its Ethernet-based fiber network across the New York metropolitan area set it apart.”

Optional features of the service include Multiple ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface), which aggregates up to four ASI feeds into a single IP-based Ethernet encoder, and Linear Service, which provides a dedicated linear service for uncompressed Serial Digital Interface 270, uncompressed HD-SDI video and ASI feeds.