Optimum Online Adds Financial-Tracking Software


Optimum Online will be offering its customers a way to track their
investments in real time thanks to a deal cut with Money.net Inc.

Under the deal, the Cablevision Systems Corp. cable-modem service will offer
its customers free trials of Money.net’s financial-tracking software,
including a 30-day trial of "Screamer," which allows customers to monitor the
value of their investment portfolio in real-time, as well as to round up market data
drawn from the same sources professional financial providers and institutions

It also offers a 90-day free trial of "Real-Time Wireless Stock Alerts,"
delivering updates to compatible wireless phones, pagers, PDAs and electronic-mail
accounts; and 30-day trials of "News," "Smart Charts" and a "Level II Viewer," which
provide coverage of financial events, equities and trending information,
analysis of securities.

After the trial periods, customers who opt to buy into the software will
receive a 25% discount.

"Great online tools, like professional-grade, real-time financial quotes from
Money.net, become even more valuable when paired with a reliable, high-speed
broadband connection," said Gemma Toner, Cablevision’s senior vice president of
high-speed-data product, in a release.

“Optimum Online’s average speeds blaze past dial-up and DSL [digital subscriber line] options, enabling
our customers to change the way they use and access information from the Web
whether for investment, education or entertainment purposes.”