`Optimum Online' Adds Web Mail


With its cable-data customer numbers soaring, Cablevision Systems Corp. has
added a new set of services to help customers communicate and protect themselves
from virtual intruders.

Cablevision's "Optimum Online" service now offers remote access to
electronic-mail accounts, plus new spam filters and e-mail virus protection, at
no extra charge.

The remote e-mail feature allows customers to access their e-mail accounts
from any PC Internet connection.

The "SpamAway" spam filter, provided by Brightmail Inc., cuts down on the
amount of junk e-mail by identifying and tagging the suspected spam and sending
it to a special bulk-mail folder within the customers' e-mail application. Now
up and active, the SpamAway feature can be turned off if customers choose not to
use it.

Brightmail is also supplying its e-mail virus-protection software to Optimum
Online, which scans incoming messages for potential viruses. If the software
does discover a virus, it either removes the offending code or deletes the
entire message and notifies the customer of the action.

"The Web-mail, spam-filtering and e-mail virus-protection features further
enhance Optimum Online's value for our customers, and at no additional cost,"
said Gemma Toner, senior vice president of Optimum Online, in a release.

"Now more than ever, our subscribers are empowered through access to
value-added services that greatly enhance the everyday Internet experience," she