O'Reilly Helps Fox Wear Ratings Crown


Fox News Channel, buoyed by a strong showing by The O'Reilly Factor,
jumped to the top of the household-ratings heap last week.

The news channel averaged a 2.0 household rating from March 10 through 16,
according to Nielsen Media Research data, giving it a 0.2-point edge over
Nickelodeon and Turner Network Television.

There was a three-way tie for third as Disney Channel, Lifetime Television
and USA Network all finished with a 1.7.

Installments of O'Reilly on March 11 (a 3.2), 12 (3.0) and 13 (3.0)
all finished among the top 20.

With war in Iraq looming, the Nielsen question now is where cable watchers
will turn for coverage of the conflict. Fox News has long since usurped the
household-ratings diadem from Cable News Network, but some observers believe the
tide may turn if war breaks out.