Ostrow: Local Sales `Turned the Corner'


Salt Lake City -- Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau CEO Joseph Ostrow opened
the ninth annual Local Cable Sales Management Conference here Sunday by saying
that it is a time for cable operators to 'celebrate what appears to be a turning
of the corner' to stronger sales for 2002.

Without detailing the ad dollars to be generated by year-end in local and
spot-cable ad sales, Ostrow forecast that growing ad sales would be bolstered by
the projected basic-cable networks' Nielsen Media Research ratings growth.

Specifically, he forecast that basic cable's audience share will, for the
first time ever, surpass that of the broadcast networks for the full primetime
season. Already, he added, cable has notched 50-plus audience shares for the
past three weeks.

The Sunday keynoter, futurist Ed Barlow, president of Creating the Future
Inc., warned the 700 attendees that in order to survive, their companies will
need to build the capacity to 'reinvent themselves' every 12 to 18 months.

'The future isn't bad,' he observed, 'it is just different.'

One difference will be in the area of multicultural marketing. Barlow cited
research indicating that 30 percent of people in the United States already
consider a language other than English as their native language and the dominant
language in their household.

Subsequent breakout sessions sought to have local system sales executives
brainstorm on how best to bolster local sales by targeting the Hispanic and
African-American segments, as well as subsets of the general market -- from kids
and teens to generation X and women to senior citizens.

In a later session, Carlsen Resources Inc. founder Ann Carlsen pointed out
that one of the key reasons why people are let go by their employers is
employees' reluctance to change.