Outdoor Channel Recruits Affiliates For ‘Conservation' Duty


Outdoor Channel is launching today the second annual "Conservation Tour of Duty" for its Outdoor Channel Corps initiative -- a philanthropic program that aims to restore and improve public lands and spaces in order to ensure that the outdoor lifestyle thrives in communities across America.

For this go round, the Corps has partnered with local cable affiliates, such as Comcast in Carlisle, Pa., and Time Warner Cable in New York City, along with organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America and United Way, to spearhead the charge in projects throughout September, October and November. Suddenlink, Armstrong Cable and Atlantic Broadband also are participating, as is Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Hawaii
Last year, for the inaugural "Conservation Tour of Duty," Outdoor Channel Corps united nearly 2,500 volunteers across a total of eight sites to participate in philanthropic programs. Since then, the Corps has teamed up with Knology to sponsor 13 conservation clean-up events during April 2011, mobilizing a total of 769 volunteers and clearing 94,263 pounds of trash.
This year, Outdoor Channel Corps will hold local, hands-on volunteer projects, which include repairing stream banks and parks, clearing trails, cleaning riverbeds and planting seedlings, in addition to other efforts, such as food drives and conservation education programs. Restoration and improvement projects run from Sept. 11 until Nov. 18.