Outdoor Life Gets Real with Surfing Pros


Outdoor Life Network is looking to expand its roster of reality fare in the months ahead.

Playing off its coverage of 15 events from the Association of Surfing Professionals tour, OLN is planning a behind-the-scenes show examining the lives of some of the big-wave sport's key performers, according to president and CEO Roger Williams. He said the show would likely premiere in August or September, following the start of OLN's ASP coverage in July.

Come October, OLN will air its second version of Global Extremes. Last year, OLN tracked individuals going through training and competitions leading to an ascent of Mount Everest over 20 one-hour installments. In 2004, Global Extremes 2 will focus on a North American quest beginning at the Baja Peninsula and culminating with a climb of Mount McKinley.

Williams said OLN — which is contemplating a third iteration from "either one of the poles" (the Arctic Circle or Antarctica) for 2005 — will air six one-hour episodes this fall.

Elsewhere, OLN is readying 13 hours of Cowboy 101, a look at students gearing up for life in the bull-riding profession. This series will come out of the chute in August.

In the meantime, Williams said OLN will roll out a 13-part behind the scenes look at five-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team, beginning on April 29. Tentatively titled '04 Lance Armstrong Story, the show — OLN's first to be shot in HDTV — will also touch on the cyclist's relationship with singer Sheryl Crow, according to Williams.