Ovation's Brown Steps Down


Ovation chairman J. Carter Brown has resigned from his position at the
performing-arts cable channel, citing health reasons.

Brown -- who co-founded Ovation six years ago while directing the National
Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. -- has been in a Boston hospital since early
May. In recent weeks, he has been treated for lung disease, pneumonia and
multiple myeloma, a cancerous condition.

According to a New York Times report June 1, Brown sent a letter two
weeks ago to Ovation, severing his ties with the network. The letter was also
distributed to nearly two-dozen arts and educational institutions he has been
involved with.

In the letter, Brown said that after recuperation, he will focus his time on
family matters and completion of a memoir about life in the arts world.

Ovation officials were unavailable for comment over who would replace Brown
as chairman, or if a replacement is forthcoming.

Harold Morse is the channel's president and CEO. He earlier was The Learning
Channel's principal executive.

All-performing-arts from the start, Ovation has not advanced its subscriber
base as quickly as other cable networks launching in recent years. The channel
is available in more than 7 million homes, with cable accounting for 5.6 million
of them.