Oxygen Taps Bartlett from Business Week


New York -- Oxygen Media has hired Sarah Bartlett,
assistant managing editor for Business Week, to oversee all content for a new
finance, business and career Web site that it is launching and for related programming on
the Oxygen cable network, officials said last week.

The new Web site, which will launch in mid-1999, will be
integrated with Oxygen's existing and future online properties for women -- Thrive,
Moms Online, Electra and Oprah Online -- and with the new Oxygen network, which debuts
Jan. 1, 2000.

Bartlett, whose title at Oxygen is senior vice president
for business content, said in a prepared statement, "Business and financial news and
information rank at the top of what women are looking for from the media … and what
they are currently not finding."

Bartlett continued, "On television and online, Oxygen
is going to push the envelope to delivery the 'dollars-and-sense' news -- from
financial and investment information to career guidance and mentoring; from starting a
business to retirement -- that women say they want and need."

Bartlett has been assistant managing editor at Business
Week since
December 1992. She had previously worked at the magazine from 1983 to 1988,
in posts ranging from associate editor to writer. From 1988 to 1992, Bartlett was a
business reporter at The New York Times.