P. Diddy Firm Eyes Sept. 11 Viewing

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A research survey by Blue Mindset reported Thursday that urban consumers will
watch an average of 2.4 hours of Sept. 11 anniversary coverage on

Blue Mindset is the market-research division of Blue Flame Marketing +
Advertising, owned by rap impresario Sean (P. Diddy) Combs.

The survey, conducted among 850 consumers earlier this month, indicated that
most intended to watch either one to two hours of Sept. 11-related coverage
(30.5 percent) or less than one hour (24 percent), the researcher said, although
19.2 percent said they would watch 'more than five hours.'

In other findings, Blue Mindset found that urban consumers said the Sept. 11
terrorist attacks had affected their daily lives (48.7 percent agreed or
strongly agreed, versus 25.5 percent who 'strongly disagreed' with that
statement) and that nearly 4 percent will 'avoid going anywhere' on that
anniversary date (versus 37 percent who said that date will be 'business as
usual' for them).

'It is clear that being concerned does not equate with being afraid,' Blue
Mindset vice president Guy Primus said in a prepared statement.

A total of 51 percent agreed or strongly agreed that 'Sept. 11 should be a
national holiday,' he added.