Pace Adds 3-D to Telco TV Boxes


Pace Micro Technology plc is adding a new dimension to its telco-based
set-top boxes.

The British box supplier has announced that it can now deliver advanced video
games with full three-dimensional graphics and stereo sound -- the result of a
technology partnership with games-system provider G-cluster Ltd. and
broadband-TV-technology provider Thirdspace.

The result is games that can be delivered in real-time MPEG (Moving Picture
Expert Group) streams over Internet-protocol networks to Pace's
digital-subscriber-line-based set-top boxes, including the 'DSL4000,' 'IP500'
and 'IP400' gateway family.

Expansion ports on the boxes will allow users to add joysticks and game

Operators can install the G-cluster gaming system alongside servers at their
central offices. Based on an open architecture, the system also can be upgraded
with new gaming titles.

'Today's announcement sees the introduction of even more exciting
revenue-generating services for IP operators,' said Andrew Clifforth, managing
director of Pace's IPTV division.

'By delivering 3-D games over Pace's IPTV gateways, service providers will be
able to further differentiate their interactive digital-TV packages from
competing cable and satellite platforms,' he added.