Pace Embraces VoIP


Pace Micro Technology plc said Wednesday that it will enter the voice-over-Internet-protocol arena.

The set-top vendor is currently developing a new embedded multimedia-terminal adapter, the “DV315,” which it said will be available to cable operators by year-end.

“Pace recognizes that triple-play services of voice, video and data are key to the continued growth of our industry," vice president of marketing and product management Bruce Gureck said in a prepared statement.

"We expect the use of IP-voice services to become even more prevalent in the coming years, and we are readying our engineering team now to develop the best high-bandwidth-capacity eMTA product to deliver on this growing demand,” he added.

Pace also introduced its “DC551 PFD” all-digital HD set-top, which is specifically designed for next-generation cable networks.

The DC551 PFD comes with HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) standard, the vendor said.