Pace Gets Cloudy With 'Elements' Software


U.K.-based set-top manufacturer Pace announced the launch of Elements, a software platform designed to let operators deliver personalized content across a range of devices.

Pace's Elements software provides a "cloud-based" user interface, to let users connect to a TV service from multiple devices within the home. In addition, it provides the ability to let users recommend content to friends, including via social networks, and delivers search capabilities for accessing different types of content across multiple sources within a managed service.

"By taking control of their platform and the consumer experience it delivers, operators can grow their subscriber base, find new ways to monetize, and stay one step ahead of their market," Pace regional president Mark Loughran said in a statement.

The Elements software links with Pace's management systems for remote monitoring and control of operator and home networks, according to the company. It also can integrate with a range of other vendors' software and devices, Pace said.

The components of the Elements suite include: Cobalt, a range of cloud-based software components that attach detailed metadata to content to support search and discovery; Oxygen, Pace's user interface product that provides the visual components for creating great end-user experiences; and Tungsten, device software incorporating middleware, operating system and SDKs for set-top boxes, media gateways and other client devices around the home.

Pace has about 2,300 employees worldwide in location including the U.S., France, India and China.