Pai, Barrow Lined Up for ACA Summit

Small, Midsized Operators Will Gather for 20th Annual D.C. Event
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The American Cable Association has lined up FCC commissioner Ajit Pai and House Energy and Commerce Committee member Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.) for its 20th annual summit.

Pai will be interviewed by ACA president Matt Polka, while Barrow will speak in advance of ACA member's Hill visits to press the flesh and press their points about reforming retrans, nondiscriminatory access to content and generally protecting the interests of small and midsized cable operators.

"Though much works lies ahead, ACA has changed the tone and substance of the public policy debate for the better because media giants now know they cannot escape the strong and committed voice of our Members, and government regulators understand the importance of taking into account the disproportionate impact that regulations have on small video, broadband, and phone providers," said Polka in announcing the key participants.

The summit is scheduled for March 12-14 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington.