Pai Praises Collins Broadband Bill

Says it can help close digital divide

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Tuesday, June 13, praised the introduction by Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) of a bill that would provide a tax incentive to companies to build out rural broadband, providing a House version of a Senate bill, with both bills backing up a Gigabit Opportunity Zones proposal long-advocated by Pai.

“I'm thrilled to see the effort to establish Gigabit Opportunity Zones continue to gain steam in the House of Representatives, thanks to Congressman Collins' leadership in introducing the GO Act," the chairman said in a statement. "This legislation, which complements legislation introduced last month by Senator Shelley Moore Capito, would create targeted tax incentives and streamline regulations in order to remove some of the barriers that hold back high-speed internet access in too many communities."

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The chairman early on said broadband deployment was going to be a key policy goal under his tenure.

“I'm thankful for Congressman Collins’ leadership on this issue.‎ Having just traveled across five Midwestern and Northern Plains states, I can tell you that much of rural America is on the wrong side of the digital divide. Many urban areas are, too. Encouraging investment in economically disadvantaged communities can close that divide and benefit all Americans.”