Pai: President Trump Has Not Contacted Him About Media 'Enemies'

Recommits to informing Hill if that ever happened
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FCC chair Ajit Pai has told a House subcommittee that President Trump has not, to his knowledge, reached out to him about FCC licenses held by media companies whose news coverage he disagrees with. 

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That came in a House Communications Subcommittee oversight hearing Wednesday (May 15). 

Ajit Pai, in committee

Ajit Pai, in committee

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-N.M.) pointed to the President's April 5 tweet calling new media "truly the enemy of the people," saying he was concerned about the president's ongoing attacks on broadcast and other journalists and the President's public threats--via tweets--to licenses of outlets he has labeled "fake news." 

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When asked by Rep. McNerney, Pai and the other commissioners all said they did not share the President's view of journalists. Pai said that was not language he had used or would ever use, while the others said "no" or "absolutely not." 

McNerney pointed out that Pai had appeared at a press conference not long after the President's April 5 tweet. Pai said the President had not raised any issues about unfair coverage at that time. 

He also reiterated his earlier promise to a Senate committee that if the president did reach out on that issue, he would inform them.