PanAmSat Locks Up Fox, Doubles TVN


Fox Entertainment Group Inc. will consolidate its entire suite of U.S. programming onto PanAmSat Corp.'s global fleet for 15 years and move a significant portion of its international traffic onto the fleet for the next decade under a deal announced Tuesday.

In addition to the Fox Broadcast Network, the agreement covers Fox Cable Networks Group’s services, such as Fox News Channel, FX, Speed Channel and the programmer’s regional sports networks.

Fox Cable currently has six channels on Galaxy 11 at 91 degrees west longitude, and it will migrate four additional channels to the satellite in the second and third quarter of this year.

"PanAmSat has successfully offered us a comprehensive solution for our cable, broadcast and international program distribution," Fox Group president of engineering Andrew G. Setos said in a release.

"By concentrating our traffic on one constellation, the efficiency of scale enabled PanAmSat to deliver a superior restoration plan that is essential to safeguarding Fox's current operations and its future growth," he added.

In other PanAmSat news, TVN Entertainment Corp. announced Tuesday that it has reached a nonexclusive agreement with the satellite company covering distribution of its video-on-demand and pay-per-view services.

TVN said its VOD-transport capabilities will double as a result of the PanAmSat deal.

The programming provider currently distributes more than 1,500 hours of VOD fare to U.S. MSOs from over 70 content providers.