Panasonic Signs PHILA Accord


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. announced that Panasonic Consumer
Electronics is the first major television manufacturer to sign a POD-Host
Interface License Agreement (PHILA) with the cable industry.

The deal means Panasonic can build digital televisions for consumers to
directly receive high-definition-TV and digital-cable programming, without the
need for a set-top box.

The POD-host interface provides for a standardized and secure communications
link between an individually addressable point-of-deployment security module and
a digital-TV set. Encryption-protected programming is authorized by inserting a
'card' into a POD slot on a set-top or TV.

The POD is part of CableLabs' OpenCable project. Companies that sign the
PHILA receive a license to deploy proprietary technology contained in the
POD-host interface.