Pantene Sponsors MuchMusic Talent Contest


Following on the heels of Fox's just-ended American Idol talent
competition, MuchMusic USA has slated a Pantene-sponsored contest special for
next week.

Due Sept. 26 at 9 p.m., the hour-long Pantene Pro-Voice Special will
focus on the five finalists. It will also include highlights, performances and
interviews from the recently concluded second annual 'New Voice of 2002' talent
contest for young women. The contestants in the solo and group categories are in
the 14-through-24 age bracket.

The special will be sponsored by the Proctor & Gamble Co. Pantene Pro-V
hair-care-product line.

The special, hosted by Queen Latifah, will include The Sopranos' Jaime
Lynn-Sigler and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon among its judges and singers Michelle
Branch and M2M as performers. The latter, a Norwegian duo, are spokespersons for
Pantene Pro-V.