Parents Survey Praises Cable, PBS on Kids TV


Cambridge, Mass. -- A study funded largely by the cable
industry gave high marks for the quality of children's programming on cable and
public television.

Adults cited promotional spots, friends and print guides as
their main sources for which children's shows are on TV and cable, but 78 percent
felt that ratings or warnings on TV shows to avoid should be included.

But only 18 percent said they were satisfied with the
information that they get about the programming, suggesting that these shows are

Although 60 percent felt that there were "almost no
commercial-free programs for children," Better Viewing magazine -- which
released a summary of the study's results -- said it lists at least 40 such shows for
preschoolers alone. Nearly 40 percent said they are familiar with the Cable in the
Classroom (CIC) initiative.

The study was funded by CCI/Crosby Publishing's Better
, CIC, Discovery Networks U.S., Disney Channel and Tele-Communications Inc. It
was based on telephone interviews with parents or caregivers in 701 TV households with
children aged two to 12; TNS Intersearch did the interviews this past June.

The involved companies expect to issue more studies under
the title, "National Family Television Research Project."