Parsons: NCTA, NAB Forging Closer Ties


Las Vegas -- AOL Time Warner Inc. CEO-designate Richard Parsons said the
company's cable division is working to improve relations with TV

In a speech largely devoted to high-risk content creation and technology
convergence, Parsons said Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO Glen Britt has been
working through the National Cable & Telecommunications Association to forge
closer ties with the National Association of Broadcasters.

'One of my colleagues, Glen Britt, the CEO of Time Warner Cable, is actively
encouraging his colleagues at the NCTA to work with the NAB to frame a
relationship that can unite the television industry and tackle the issues that
will never be properly addressed if we don't act together,' Parsons said in a
keynote address to the NAB convention here.

An NAB spokesman said he was unaware of Britt's efforts. NCTA spokesman Marc
Osgoode Smith said Britt was working to promote 'market-based solutions to the
digital transition.'

Both the cable and broadcast industries face common enemies in digital piracy
and ad stripping, and both industries should unite in their own self-interest,
Parsons said.

'The old notion of two sides currently feuding in the style of the Hatfields
and the McCoys is as outdated as it is self-defeating,' he added.

Parsons takes over as CEO next month, replacing Gerald Levin.

While declining to make any bold business predictions, Parsons called for a
digital détente that emphasized the common interests of cable and

'We all have an interest in increasing the television-revenue pie and
avoiding unnecessary and counterproductive government interference,' he

He added that digital technology is driving cable and broadcasting together
and both need to recognize that consumers are bonding with the new services the
technology is enabling.

'The emergence of digital technologies . will have a profound effect on our
business and will change the existing paradigm,' he said. 'Interactive TV and
video-on-demand are two good examples.'