Patriot Media Launches VoIP


Patriot Media and Communications LLC has launched voice-over-Internet-protocol service to its 115,000 homes passed in central New Jersey using gear from Nortel Networks Corp. and backbone services from Level 3 Communications Inc.

Patriot is deploying Nortel’s “Communication Server 2000” compact soft switch and IP Unity’s “Mereon 6000 Media Server” and Mereon unified-messaging application.

“The SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] functionality of Nortel’s soft switch allows us to efficiently connect to other telephony networks and to pave the way for future SIP-enabled opportunities, such as caller ID and other features through the television display, in one integrated experience,” Patriot president and general manager Jim Holanda said.

Level 3 is providing Patriot with its VoIP enhanced local service, which includes fixed-line E-911 support.