PCN, Turning 30, Makes Some Veteran Moves

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The Pennsylvania Cable Network -- PCN, or "the C-SPAN of Pennsylvania" -- turns 30 this year and on Dec. 6 marks another milestone: the 500th episode of 13-year original series PA Books. Network president Brian Lockman hosts the show, which this time will feature six veterans who were interviewed for two books put out by the network: World War II: In Their Own Words and the September-issued World War II Reflections.

The books, in turn, draw from more than 200 hours of interviews with Pennsylvania veterans for the PCN series World War II: In Their Own Words. Prisoners of war, paratroopers who served in Normandy and Bastogne, a 17-year-old seaman on the USS Intrepid when it was hit by kamikaze pilots on Thanksgiving Day in 1944 -- the stories are remarkable. So is the longevity of the network, supported by fees from 150 Keystone State cable systems and in 3.3 million Pennsylvania homes.

Veteran Paul Daugherty and PCN chief Brian Lockman

"Our 35-member staff worked countless hours to bring extensive coverage of the Pennsylvania state budget impasses which ended after 101 days," communications VP Michelle Harter says. "The network became the place for the latest budget news, whether it was live on the network, streamed on our Website or delivered as news on our RSS feed or Twitter."

Happy 30th, PCN.