Peacock Struts Again on Comcast Logo

New Insignia Debuts in Time For Cable Ops’ 50 Anniversary

The NBC peacock, missing from the broadcaster’s insignia for more than a year, has found a new place to roost atop the corporate logo of majority partner Comcast Corp.

Comcast, which controls 51% of the NBC Universal partnership,  unveiled the new logo Monday.

NBC Universal dropped the peacock, which had been in various iterations identified with the NBC network since its inception, in late 2011. The company said in a statement the decision to include the iconic bird with a modern font for the Comcast name on the new logo melds the concepts of media and technology. The move comes in time for Comcast’s 50th anniversary next year.

The new logo will gradually replace the old logo on Comcast service trucks, service bills and print and television ads. The company will continue to use the Xfinity brand – which it launched in 2010 – for its cable television, voice and data products.