PEG Airtime Open to Aid Efforts


Public-, educational- and government-access television channels are offering
airtime for programming relevant to the relief efforts stemming from the Sept.
11 terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

PEG channels across the country are already running nonstop bulletin-board
information on relief efforts and hosting community forums and live call-in

The Alliance for Community Media has invited all government agencies and
nongovernment associations to use these television resources by sending one
paragraph about their programming (relevant to this crisis) with contact name,
phone number and electronic mail to: Bunnie Riedel (executive director, Alliance
for Community Media) at Programming
must be free to the access centers and must come from government agencies,
educational institutions or nonprofits.

Many centers have satellite capability or will accept half-inch VHS or SVHS
tape. Many also have digital capabilities.

The Alliance's Web site has more
information about the organization.