PEJ: Comcast a Top-3 News Provider


Washington -- According to a new interactive database from the
Project for Excellence in Journalism, Comcast, through NBC, is the top provider
of network TV morning and evening news as well as the No. 3 provider of both
cable and online news.

Comcast, thanks to its NBCU deal, ranks as the top network
TV company with 14,190,800 combined morning and evening news viewers, followed
by The Walt Disney Co., owner of ABC, at 12,606,700, CBS with 8,840,100 and PBS
with 1,100,000.

On the cable side, News Corp. was tops with 1,910,000
viewers, followed by Time Warner Inc. with 1,040,000 and Comcast with

In the "top online news" category, Yahoo! led with
39,042,000 monthly unique visitors, but Comcast is No. 3 at 34,617,000, again
behind Time Warner at No. 2 with 34,617,000.