‘People Meter’ Not the Apple of News Corp.’s Eye


Don’t count News Corp. among supporters of Nielsen Media Research’s "People Meter."

The media giant Monday criticized Nielsen’s decision to deploy People Meters in the New York market despite what it called "growing evidence that the measurement's methodology is flawed and may undercount viewership by as much as 25%, particularly among young and minority viewers."

"Despite our misgivings and the alternative of postponing implementation until problems associated with the meter were resolved satisfactorily, Nielsen has nevertheless decided to go forward with its flawed system in the New York market beginning April 8," News Corp. deputy chief operating officer and Fox Television Stations Group chairman Lachlan Murdoch said in a prepared statement.

"While we welcome their decision to delay deployment of the system in the Los Angeles and Chicago markets, we cannot understand how Nielsen can still proceed with the meter in New York while such significant issues remain as to the reliability of their numbers," he added. "If the meter isn't good enough for Los Angeles and Chicago yet, it certainly isn't good enough for the nation's largest market."