Periscope Goes Live on Android

Mobile Live-Streaming App Expands Beyond iOS
Periscope android 400x300.jpg

Periscope, Twitter’s new mobile live streaming app, has built on its initial release on iOS world by launching an app for the important Android platform.

“As a small startup, our initial launch was limited to just iOS, but we’ve been working really hard to craft an experience that feels special on Android, yet still unmistakably Periscope,” the company said in its Android announcement.

Periscope said Android owners using Version 4.4 (KitKat) and above can download Periscope from Google Play.

While the new app offers the same core features offered on iOS, it also features some unique elements for Android, including a “Material-inspired design,” and granular control over additional Push Notification settings, such as “First Time Broadcast notifications” and “Share notifications.” Periscope on Android also offers users a “Resume notification” that allows them to keep watching where they left off when a broadcast is interrupted by a phone call or a message.

Meerkat, a platform that competes with Periscope, also offers apps for both Android and iOS.

While the emergence of Periscope has created a new copyright concerns for HBO, other programmers, such as VH1, increasingly viewing it as promotional vehicles and as complementary, new way to engage with viewers