Pet’s-Eye View from Animal Planet


Animal Planet is set to bring “Tail-Evision” to your television.

The network will launch its “Tail-Evision Friday” block from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. this Friday.

Among furry fare to be featured, “TV for Your Pet,” shot from the animal’s point of view, features pet-friendly viewing such as a man petting the camera and treating it like a dog and a woman waving a cat toy to the camera.

Other Tail-Evision components are “Animal Art,”“B!te,” “Tail Talk,”Fast Fact” and “Quick Clip.”

“People always tell us that their pets watch Animal Planet, often sending us photos of their dog or cat in front of the TV watching our shows, and it has been confirmed in our research,” Animal Planet vice president and general manager Maureen Smith said in a prepared statement.

“This is our first step in creating content for our animal audience,” she added. “Although, it may look a little funny to us humans, we are betting your pets will love it.”