Pew: 40% of Net Users Go High-Speed at Home

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A total of 40% of Internet users in the United States now have high-speed access at home, according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Pew added that penetration has reached 52% among college-educated adults 35 and younger.

Most of the growth has occurred since November from digital-subscriber-line connections, which now make up 42% of the home broadband market, up from 28% in March 2003, Pew said.

Cable modems still have the lead, with a market share of 54%, Pew added.

Pew found that compared with last year, lower rates for broadband versus dial-up triggered the increase in high-speed homes.

Its telephone-based survey of 2,204 adult Americans, including 1,371 Internet users, was conducted in February.