Pew: Cable is Top Source of Campaign News


Cable news has overtaken local TV news as the top source for campaign news -- by virtue of not declining.

That is according to a new study from the Pew Research finding that 36% of respondents regularly get their campaign news from cable, 32% from local TV news, 26% for network news, 25% from the Internet and 20% from the local newspaper. Social media like Twitter and Facebook have played "very modest" roles, according to the study.

While cable's figure is down from the 38% who said they regularly got campaign news from the medium in 2008, that is essentially flat, statistically, while TV station viewership has dropped from its top spot of 40% in 2008.

"The one constant over the course of the past four elections is the reach of cable news," according to the Pew report.

The bad news is that 37% of the respondents said they saw a great deal of political bias in news coverage generally (up from 31% in 2008), while only 10% said they saw none.

The study was based primarily on phone interviews, landline and cell, conducted Jan. 4-8, 2012, of a national sample of 1,507 adults, 18-plus.