Pew: Cable Is Top Source of Campaign News


Washington — Cable news has overtaken local TV news
as the top source for campaign news, though by virtue of
not declining. That is according to a new study from the
Pew Research Center. “The one constant
over the course of the past four elections is the reach of cable
news,” the Pew report said.

Broadcasters took issue
with that characterization:
“Apparently the Pew people
are having trouble with
addition,” said National Association
of Broadcasters
spokesman Dennis Wharton.
“Their chart states that 36% of
poll respondents list cable as
their main source for political
news, while 32% of respondents list local broadcast TV news
and 26% list network broadcast TV news as their main source
for news. So in other words, by a margin of 58% to 36%, broadcasters
are the main source for campaign news over cable.
Thus, broadcast TV remains the king for campaign news.”